Learning To Be A Tourist

How To Plan A Disney Vacation That Makes Everyone Happy And Not Exhausted

Going to Walt Disney World is a very exciting thing. Disney, Inc., changes its theme parks almost annually, making every visit a "first" and a different experience from the last time you visited. If you are planning a fabulous Christmas vacation in Disney World, you may be wondering what to do, what to see, where to eat, and what not to miss.

You can pick up all manner of travel books and guides that you can buy and find, but the truth is, what you need to know most is maintaining balance.​ If you are planning a trip, you want a balance of activities and rest periods so that everyone has a good time, and no one is thoroughly exhausted. A travel agent can get you started, but you know your children best. Here is how to plan, and get enough balance, into your Disney vacation.

Definitely Book Far in Advance

There are certain Disney experiences that book very quickly. You will not be able to make reservations for these events within days of your arrival as they will have already been booked months ago by everyone else. Experiences like dinner in the iconic castle have to be booked six months in advance. These spots fill up very quickly, and you will only have access to these reservations if you have already booked a trip through your travel agent. All dinner, lunch, brunch, and breakfast sit-down reservations at the most popular restaurants in the parks have to be booked six months in advance. You may want to find a book Disney vacation planner for some professional assistance.

​Combine Sitting Activities with Walking Activities/Rides

Every park is comprised of walking paths, but there are no trams or other means of riding around the parks, unless you need an adult scooter because you cannot walk the five to ten miles of path around each park. Given the distance you will walk in a day, be sure to combine walking activities/rides with sitting activities, like three rides that are at different ends of a park, followed by a theatrical show that lasts at least twenty or more minutes. The much-needed breaks after the walking to a few rides and standing in line will make everyone less grumpy.

​Absolutely Fast Pass What You Can

​Many rides and attractions end up with waiting lines that can last two or more hours at the peak hours in the parks. For kids, that is an excruciatingly long wait to ride or see things. With the "Fast Pass Plus" add-ons to your tickets, you can get into the shorter lines and get on the rides or into the attractions in an eighth to a half of the wait time of the longer regular lines.