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Tips To Help You Reclaim Your Marriage After Kids

Have you been struggling to find one-on-one time with your spouse? When you have kids, and work, and a home to care for, the alone time that every couple needs to thrive becomes extremely limited. Don't let the flame fizzle out – here, you'll find a few affordable ways to reclaim those quiet, uninterrupted moments that you need together.

Date Night

If this isn't a new issue for you, you've probably tried date night. For some couples, choosing a day every so often to label as a "date night" is all that it takes to find time for each other. For other couples, it isn't that easy – work can come up, the kids can call in the middle of dinner – so many things prevent it from happening.

So, how do you set up a date night that you'll actually be able to stick to? Well, you know that you're not the only couple struggling to find time alone – work with those couples to arrange babysitting times. Your kids will be much more accepting to your time away if they have other kids to play with. So, if you can find other couples that are willing to swap kids on date night, you'll all win. Take turns hosting the kids while the other couple goes out.


You hear mini-vacation and you might automatically see yourself laying on a sandy beach with a fruity cocktail in your hand, but a mini-vacation doesn't have to be any further than the discount hotel up the road from your house. Honestly, it doesn't matter where you go – as long as you're there with your spouse without the kids.

Take a night once a month or every other month and get away with your spouse. That one night can go a long way in refreshing the lust that can be lost between all of the daily chores that you must tend to. This space will give you the freedom to do the things that you'd be too leery of doing knowing that the kids could come crashing in at any given time.

Spice up your time with some dinner in the room, some faux candles (you don't want to burn the place down with real flames), a nice outfit and whatever it is that you and your spouse find bring you back to feeling the love you did when you first met.

Talk with your spouse about what you need. He or she is likely feeling the same loss of time and would be thrilled to experience a successful date night or mini-vacation.