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Banquet Hall Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas

If you're planning a large wedding reception and need a space big enough to comfortably accommodate all of your guests, consider renting a hotel banquet hall. Banquet hall space is typically flexible, allowing you to divide it up and decorate as you wish. You can use the hall as one big space, or possibly divide it up into smaller, more intimate areas as needed. 

Another way that holding your wedding reception in a hotel banquet hall is convenient is that your out-of-town friends and family members can stay onsite. You may even be able to book a block of rooms at a discount, saving everyone one money. 

You can also reserve a room just for wedding preparations, such as a dressing room for you and your bridesmaids. Hair stylists and beauticians can also set up shop in the space to save time. You'll also have a place to change into more comfortable clothing between the wedding and reception.

Additionally, some hotels also provide onsite catering services. Many also offer logistical items such as tables, chairs, and audio/visual equipment as needed. When choosing the perfect hotel banquet hall for your reception, find out if they have an event planner that can help with both big and small details. 

After booking the best hall for your big day, here are some decorating tips to help give the space a personalized look:

1. Lighting Elements

Because banquet halls are so large and airy, they can also feel a little impersonal at first. Add instant warmth and ambiance with the right lighting elements. For instance, hang elegant chandeliers over the dining tables, or string lanterns above them if you're going for a more rustic look.

Wrap white string lights around pillars and beams, or hang them across the ceiling to give the space a romantic touch. You can also use colored lights in hues that reflect the reception's theme, such as green for a fresh, garden-inspired vibe.

Other lighting ideas include pillar candles across dinner tables, individual tea lights at each guests' place setting, or even an LED-lit dance floor in the center of the room.

2. Flowers 

Nothing will give a banquet space an aura of romance like flowers. You can use either fresh or authentic-looking faux blooms, or a combination of both, depending on your budget. Flowers are also an ideal way to bring a bit of the outdoors in, especially if you're hosting a winter reception.

Use large crystal vases filled with flowers as table centerpieces, or have strings of blooms hanging down from the ceiling for a dramatic effect. The flower garlands can separate individual areas in the large space. Glass canning jars filled with small wildflower bouquets set by each place setting will double as both table decor and guest favors.

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