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Factors To Consider When Chartering a Boat

Boating is an ideal leisure activity for family, friends, or coworkers. One of the most memorable experiences is going on an excursion with a chartered boat. Charter companies allow small groups to rent a boat for private use. The product is ideal for small groups since the services are customized to meet the need for convenience, safety, and privacy. Here are the main factors to consider when hiring a small group private charter.

Boat Features

The primary consideration when booking a private charter is the features of the boat. Boats come in different sizes and types. Thus, start by considering the number of people in the excursion group. Select a ship that has enough space to accommodate all the expected guests. More so, consider the amenities and entertainment features in the boat to enhance comfort. If you will be doing water sports, such as fishing or diving, you will need a boat with fishing and diving gear. Again, check if the charter provides for boat provisions and cooking services. Consulting with the private charter company on the types of boats available and their features can help you find one that is suitable to your needs.

Crewed Services

There are several packages for small group private charters. Some packages are for bareboat charters while others are for crewed charters. In a bareboat charter, you will get a boat without the crew. Thus, the group will be in charge of sailing and caring for the ship. In comparison, crewed provide the vessel with a professional sailing crew. In particular, the staff may consist of the captain, chef, and cabin crew. Having a crew means that you can relax and enjoy the trip with a full-service experience.


The destination of the boat excursion will also influence your booking decisions. Having agreed with the group on the preferred destinations, consult with the boat company to confirm whether they can avail a boat to the destination. Typically, the determination depends on various factors, including distance, navigation, safety, and maritime laws. Notably, the destination will also affect the cost of the trip.


A private charter boat allows you to create a personalized itinerary. This flexibility means that the group will decide on where to sail and departure times. Better still, the group decides on the daily activities in the sea and on land depending on time, weather, and safety. Ordinarily, the group discusses the itinerary with the boat crew, who have more experience in various boating activities.

In conclusion, there are several factors to consider when booking a private charter boat. You will decide on the destination, itinerary, boat features, and crew services. Engage a professional company offering small group boat charter services to help you plan and execute your boat excursion.