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Place Online Wine Orders Through Digital Retailers and Wineries

Digital wine retailers and wineries feature domestic and imported wine varieties that can be shipped directly to a consumer. If you visited a particular region that featured a special wine type that you enjoyed, it can be appealing to have access to this vintage during the upcoming holidays or another occasion that you will be celebrating.

Digital Wine Retailers

Shopping from a digital wine retailer allows you to review a wide range of wine products from your home or office. Wine products that are featured may have originated from wineries within the United States or manufacturing and bottling plants that are located overseas. A digital retailer will allow you to create a customer account, which will keep track of current and past orders.

If you are going to be trying out many different types of wine in the next few months, having no restrictions on what you decide to purchase can be appealing. Shipment prices may vary, depending on where you live and the number of bottled products you will be purchasing. You must also reside within a state that will allow wine products to be shipped to residential addresses.


There is nothing quite like purchasing a product directly from where it was manufactured. A winery may have a vineyard onsite where fresh grapes are used to produce distinct wine varieties. If you had the pleasure of traveling to a winery in the past, you may want to use this place of business as the first merchant who you purchase wine products from.

A winery owner may offer perks that a digital winery does not offer. They may offer complimentary bottles if a minimum amount of bottles is purchased or unique vintages that are featured only at specific times of the year. Some wineries pass on cost savings to their customers, by charging a minimal shipping fee or by offering a free shipping method. Wine products that are eligible for free shipping may need to meet a specific quota.

When contacting a winery, either through their online wine sales website or through a direct call, find out if you can mix and match wine products that are of interest and still be eligible for a low or free shipping rate. Test out some new wineries that you may decide to visit in the future. Having access to some of their wine products now may encourage you to travel to one or more of the wineries and take a tour of the facilities in the future.