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How To Find The Best Corporate Parking Rates Possible

When you travel for business you need to think about how you will get to your destination. Are you driving there or are you taking an airplane or train? If you are flying you might be one of those travelers who prefer to take their own car to the airport. Airport parking, however, is not usually the cheapest around and you might wonder if you could possibly find corporate parking rates to help lower your costs.

There are some ways you can find the best possible corporate parking rates possible, and here are just a few.

Look For Parking Coupons

One of the best ways you can find lower corporate parking rates is to look for parking coupons either via the airport's own website or through third-party websites. You could narrow your search down by filtering coupons for specific parking lots, if there are coupons for long-term parking, and even for business travelers.

Some airports offer advanced reservations for business travelers which you can book ahead of your trip. You might find there are additional coupons geared toward those who advance book their parking spaces which can be used to lower your parking costs. One advantage to this is you have a guaranteed parking spot in a preferred lot as well.

Bundle Your Parking With Your Hotel Room

It's possible that you plan to stay at an airport hotel. This could be because you have an early morning flight and you want to beat rush hour traffic so you don't miss your flight. You might also want to have a hotel room for when you return from your business trip. You may have a long drive home ahead of you and your flight might get in late. 

If this is the case, you can potentially get lower corporate parking rates by bundling your parking costs with your hotel room. Many airport hotels offer discounted airport parking or even discounted or free parking within the hotel's own property if they are large enough hotels. 

Use A Parking App Or Website

Another great way to find the best corporate parking rates is to use either a parking app or a website geared toward business or frequent travelers.

These apps and websites work similarly to hotel and airline booking websites. They list not only the airport's own parking lots but also nearby lots. They list the pricing of each lot and whether there are any discounts or coupons available that you can use.

In many cases, you can book your parking spot via the app or website for a lower price than if you booked with the parking lot itself. 

For more info about corporate parking rates, contact a local company.