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Heading To The Bahamas? 4 Adventures You Enjoy While You're There

If you're planning a trip to the Bahamas this summer, you need to visit some day attractions. There are a lot of attractions to visit in the Bahamas. The water is crystal clear in the Bahamas. That makes it one of the best places for water activities like swimming and snorkeling. In fact, you can snorkel over a plane crash site. But, there are other attractions to enjoy when you visit the Bahamas. If you want to add some unique attractions to your vacation plans, read the list below. Here are four fun activities you can enjoy on your vacation. 

Swim With Some Swine

If you like to swim, add Pig Beach to your vacation plans. Pig Beach is inhabited by pigs of all shapes and sizes. Pig activities aren't limited to the sandy shores. These pigs go for daily swims in the ocean. One of the best things about visiting Pig Beach is that you can go swimming with the pigs. If you bring treats, you can even feed the pigs. Best of all, the pigs will come right up to you. That way, you can enjoy a one-on-one adventure with the pigs.   

Look for Rock Iguanas

If you've never seen rock iguanas in their natural habitat, don't miss the chance. While you visit the Bahamas, you can plan a day attraction to look for rock iguanas. Rock iguanas are on the endangered species list. But, you can find them basking in the sun on Bitter Guana Cay. You can also explore colorful coral beds while you're there.

Enjoy a Day of Fishing

If you want to go fishing, now's the time to book a fishing charter. There are a lot of opportunities to go fishing when you visit the Bahamas. You can rent a boat and spend the day deep-sea fishing. As a bonus, you can turn your catch of the day into your evening meal.

Visit the Sharks

If you've ever wanted to get up close and personal with a shark, you can do that when you head to the Bahamas this summer. That's especially true if you visit one of the shark habitats while you're on vacation. You can find reef sharks swimming off the coast. Reef sharks aren't aggressive, which means you can swim with them. Just make sure you don't try to disturb them. Reef sharks can get aggressive if you bother them too much. 

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