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Reasons To Charter a Yacht for a Memorial Service

When a loved one passes away and you begin to plan the memorial service, you might like the idea of choosing something unique. Instead of having the service take place at a local event center, a creative option is to charter a yacht for a few hours. This idea can work well if the deceased person loved being on the water and if you're limiting the number of attendees. Yacht charter companies have yachts of many different sizes and features, allowing you to choose the right vessel for this usage. Here are some reasons to charter a yacht for a memorial service.

Private Environment

Many people like the idea of having a highly private environment when they have a memorial service for a family member. Whether you want to be away from prying eyes or you don't want certain people to show up uninvited, it's important to choose the right venue. There's little question that chartering a yacht can be a highly private environment for this occasion. When you're out on the water, you'll be away from anyone who might think about dropping in on the event without your approval.

Ideal for Scattering Remains

If the person was cremated and you've decided to scatter their cremated remains in the water — either because this was their specific request or you've simply decided that it's a fitting idea — a yacht can make this process easy. It can sometimes be difficult to scatter cremated remains into the water from the shore. The current will often push the remains back onto the shore, which may not be in alignment with your vision of seeing the remains drift out into the water. Your yacht captain can work with you to choose a private and suitable area for scattering the remains from the edge of the boat.

Suitable Amenities

A yacht provides the memorial service's guests with all sorts of suitable amenities, including many that are similar to what you might find at an event venue. If you want to show a video that depicts scenes from the deceased person's life, you can do so in the theater room or set up a screen in a large indoor space. Yachts have full kitchens, so it's easy to have a few people prepare snacks and refreshments to serve your guests. Contact a reliable company that offers yacht charters if you are interested in these services.